I am available for public lectures upon request so don't hesitate to email me if you think you can use some crayfish expertise as well as live specimens display at your event (click here to email me).


I created and organized the first two editions of BioBonanza, the UK Biology Department open house day.

Science fairs and public interactions

One of my favorite outreach activity is to participate in science fairs all over the place in and around Lexington (so far I've done 10 of them!). I think being able to witness the spark of scientific interest growing in those young minds to be very rewarding and to be one of the most important things that we scientists can do. Furthermore, beside science fairs, I try to take the crayfish from the lab out to the public as much as possible by participating in local events such as Back-to-School rallies, Weird Science Nights, Symposiums, Science & Engineering days, or with local associations such as NERD SQUAD (props to Cagney Coomer for her amazing work with her association).