I am a French guy from the Alps, my family still lives there in Seynod, Haute-Savoie. You might know this part of the world from the main city next to Seynod: Annecy or the Little Venice! Or maybe you are more familiar with the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe? My parent's house is in the foothills of the Alps really. Finally, you might know Geneva in Switzerland, 40 km from Seynod.

My story

Right now, if you've been looking at the pictures from the slideshow or even on google image, you should really ask yourself why did this guy ever leave this region? Well, I don't really know, but I can tell you that I miss my Alps and at the same time I never regretted leaving them. After all, I've got a good life where I'm at now too. First there is my partner in life and wife, Jacqueline, without whom I would never have been able to achieve a tenth of what I've done. Second, there are all my animals or amnimals as we call them: King Bun and Queen Bean the bunnies, Abbi and Ilana our Bernese Mountain dogs (two sisters, 45 lbs each!), and Flicky and Flicker the tarantulas!

After my master degree in Dijon, France (the wine, bread, and cheese country) I decided to cross the Atlantic ocean just to see what is on the other side. Now I am a sixth/seven year PhD student co-advised by Dr. Ashley Seifert and Dr. Jeremy Van Cleve at the University of Kentucky. They focus on evolutionary ecology in an effort to understand the structure as well as dynamics of ecological populations and communities, life histories, and underlying behavioral mechanisms. My personal scientific focus relies on inter-species interactions, species behavior, and ecosystem engineering using crayfish in freshwater streams. I will be defending my PhD this fall … when I get some time to go back to Lexington because … I got a job as a faculty member at Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) in Raleigh, NC!!!

I am really excited about this new adventure and cannot wait to tell you more about it soon. Long story short, Jacqueline got into NCSU veterinary school (class of 2023) after she obtained her Biology Ph.D. in March so we moved to Raleigh, NC over the summer. Therefore, I had to look for a job and found this amazing place that is WTCC. I have no idea how I’ve done it, but I am so thankful they took me in to teach biology. This is a dream come true if I’m being honest: I’m being paid to teach biology!!!!

As you can see on this website, my interests range from scientific research to education and outreach. I don't know where I'm going in life really, but I know I'm in good company so why not enjoying the ride?