Current class

Wake Technical Community College - Life Sciences Department

BIO 111 - General Biology I


Reading guide

My advice would be to start this semester by taking one iteration of the "Reading Skills test" below. Then, investigate the areas where you scored the lowest, you can find resources online easily (you could start there and/or schedule a meeting with me). Finally, mid-semester take the test again to compare your scores (don't compare to others, it is not intended for this purpose) and observe your growth!


Writing guide

The paper accessible on Canvas or via the button on the left is a very very good resource for enhancing your writing skills. Additionally, the shorter cheat sheet put together by Dr. Danley and available on Canvas is a must have next to you when writing/proofreading for this class.


Statistic guides


Click on the buttons on the right to explore what a t-test is, does, and how it does it. Disclaimer, I am not recommending any software that will be presented to you in those links (as adds or by the writer of the article); rather, I simply found their presentation of the t-test very clear for the depth in which they go.


Excel guide

From the BIO 325 Ecology laboratory course, here is a guide to the basic steps of Excel work as well as to the basic graphic output (bar graph and scatter plots). Thanks to Dr. Kay Shenoy for putting this material together.


Past classes that I taught

Classes I taught in the past

At the University of Kentucky I started by teaching BIO 111 - General Biology Laboratory with Dr. Seabolt (now retired). Then, I was assigned to grading for BIO 152 - Principles of Biology II Introduction with Pr. Phillip Bonner. After that, I started to teach BIO 325 - Ecology Laboratory with Dr. Kay Shenoy as my TA instructor and different professors (Pr. Crowley, Pr. Sargent, Dr. McLetchie, and Dr. Van Cleve). This class has been the bulk of my TA assignment while at UK. Along the way I was also assigned for one semester to teach BIO 303 - Evolution Laboratory with Dr. Xiang (TA instructor) and Pr. Kruppa (professor), one semester to teach BIO 350 - Animal Physiology with Dr. Danly (TA instructor) and Dr. Pendergast (professor), and a summer session of BIO 155 - Introductory Biology Laboratory as principal instructor (alone).

Special class I taught

During the fall 2017 I taught the honor section of BIO 325 with Pr. Crowley as primary instructor. I spent the summer designing this class with Pr. Crowley and Allyssa Kilanowski (a fellow graduate student). This class was somewhat experimental since Pr. Crowley's approach relies heavily on a modeling conceptual approach with boxes and arrows diagrams laying out the conceptual approach to each lab. Nevertheless, students positively responded to this teaching style inspired from the flipping the classroom school of thoughts. To put it succinctly, everybody had a blast and I got the best Teaching Course Evaluations of my career!

Here is the interactive syllabus that I used for this class.