Scientific endeavors

You will find here my scientific works grouped by my main scientific interests: ecosystem engineering and stream ecology, regeneration, and modeling.


Ecosystem engineering and stream ecology

The capacity to modify the physical environment may seem trivial to us humans; nonetheless, it took us a long time to acknowledge the engineer work of other organisms on Earth. When coupled to the study of stream ecology, engineering reveals way more about our surrounding than what initially met the eyes ...



When one explores natural processes in context (i.e., in the field) and out of context (i.e., in the laboratory) as I do, one often finds mathematical approaches the perfect way to incorporate field and laboratory findings in a new explanatory way to tentatively predict our world. Modeling allows exactly this, given that one is a little creative when building one's model ...



The art of starting over, anew. Numerous animals mastered this skill including some vertebrates such as salamanders. However, linking this topic to my central research topic, my interest focuses on stream species like crayfish. Enter the fascinating world of crayfish regeneration, where survival is central and interactions are omnipresent ...